Windscreen Replacement Hornsby

Is your windscreen giving you any type of problem? If you are getting any sort of problem then read this blog first and then go for repair. Central Auto Repair has been a reputed name for numerous car repair services namely auto repairs, windscreen repairs, radiator repairs, logbook servicing, vehicle inspection, car brake repair, clutch repair, car engine repair, steering and suspension issues, radiator cooling issues, AC repair etc.


When to replace glass of your car?

First of all you should understand difference between chip and crack in the windshield. Chip is damage in the windshield that marks the point of impact. On other hand cracks create a distinct line in glass that can range under 1 inch up to width of windshield. Every crack in glass cannot be repaired so there are three major factors in the process size, depth and location of crack.


You should replace your windshield if           

  1. Glass is a tempered one and not laminated

  2. Crack is longer than size of currency note

  3. If crack’s depth covers half or more of width of glass.

  4. If crack is extending to the outer corner of glass

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