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Professional Car Brake Repair

Central Auto Repair has been one of the prominent names for various car repair services. We have successfully repaired cars in region and this has let us to be a prominent name for car brake repair, windscreen replacement, radiator repair, Log book repair, vehicle inspection, clutch repair, steering and suspension repair, car ac repair and many more work.     

Now we will let you know some common signs that are concerned with car problems. If you are getting any of these signs then it is time to get ready to go to repair house.


  1. Brakes squeal when you apply

  2. Car starts vibration when brake is applied

  3. Howling and grinding noses when you apply brake

  4. Your brake pedal has become soft

  5. When you apply break then car appears getting down on one side.

These were some of the common symptoms when we consider car brake issues. You can come to our service centre to know more about process.

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