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Get Steering and Suspension Issues Resolved

Do you own a car and want to maintain it properly. Read this blog, we will tell you all general symptoms along with other quality information that are concerned with steering and suspension. If you identify symptom at early stage then it will help in addressing problems easily and affordably.


Central Auto Repair has been one of the prominent names for various services that are concerned with car namely windscreen repairs, radiator repairs, logbook servicing, vehicle inspection, car brake repair, clutch repair, car engine repair, steering and suspension issues, radiator cooling issues, AC repair etc.  


These are symptoms for steering and suspension problems:

  1. Car feels like pulling on one side while driving

  2. Experience extra impact of bump on roads

  3. When you feel that one side of car is slightly down.

  4. When car speeds up then it gets leaned on one side.

  5. While driving you feel tough to control steering.


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