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Logbook servicing in Sydney

Do you need logbook services for your car? This is a proactive approach for car maintenance with proper inspection and small fixes for smooth operation of car. Sometime small problems eventually become a big one, if you opt for logbook servicing then various things can be prevented. Some common parts of services are serpentine belts, brake pad repair, shock absorber repair, transmission fluid check etc.


Where to get log book?

All car and commercial vehicle manufacturers give you log book while purchasing. This book includes various information regarding specific timing and services.


How logbook service is different from basic car repair service?

In Australia, when people go for car servicing then this question is quite common, whether you need basic services or log book services?

Basic service: Any minor or general services like engine oil replacement, oil filter etc.

Logbook service: this is set of pre scheduled services given car’s manufacturer. Threshold limit is either 6 months or 10,000 KM.

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