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Car brake repair in Sydney

Is there any problem with your car’s brake? Central-Auto-Repair is one of the leading names in Sydney for various types of auto repairs. Brake pad repair is the most widely recognized repair work because of its high intensity work. Proper tools and trained hands required to change brake cylinder. Over years, we have successfully repaired brakes of hundreds of cars.


Which are common signs of car brake failure?

Here comes checklist, if you are getting any of these signs then get ready to checkup:

  • Signal of Brake: in dashboard, if you are getting yellow or red light then it is time to check up.

  • Squealing, squeaking or grinding noise: if you are getting any metallic squeal sound then it is time to check up with any expert.

  • Wobbling or extra vibration while braking vehicle.

  • If fluid is leaking from anywhere near cylinder.

  • While driving, if you are experiencing soft brake pedal.

  • Bouncing up and down while braking

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