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Are You Looking for LogBook Servicing?

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No more worries, if you have a branded car and looking for services based on log book. Central Auto Repair has completed this kind of service for hundreds of cars at our Hornsby warehouse. Apart from this service, we address all required service for high car maintenance namely auto repairs, windscreen repairs, radiator repairs, logbook servicing, vehicle inspection, car brake repair, clutch repair, car engine repair, steering and suspension issues, radiator cooling issues, AC repair etc.


What is log book servicing?

This is also popularly known as hand book services. This is servicing of car as per suggestions of car’s manufacturers. There will time intervals pre defined by the company at which you have to get everything properly checked. It generally involves replacement of some small parts and liquid management.


How long does it take to get logbook servicing done?

When you opt for basic servicing then it can be done within 1-2 hour/s while logbook servicing takes little extra time and it will take 2-4 hours.


Hornsby is a prominent suburb of Sydney, NSW. Main development in this suburb has been done by private developers on both side of railway station. Hornsby shire council was established in the year 1906. If  you visit this place then there are numerous attractions namely Hornsby water clock, Hornsby RSN club etc.         

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