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Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Want to maintain your car properly then here comes your turn for the same. First you should find out any proper service provider for your car and then you should visit at regular intervals. In this blog, we will tell you some fine aspects that are concerned with the inspection process.


Central Auto repair provides various types of car repair services namely car engine repair, windshield replacement, vehicle inspection services, steering and suspension services, radiator services, car AC repair services etc. Check here to know about checklist for proper and professional vehicle inspection.

Here only safety aspects of inspection are mentioned:

  1. Tires: if you find more than 50 percent treads missing then replacement of tire required.

  2. Headlight: because of crash, headlight issues often come

  3. Seat belts: if you find it getting thin or broken then it is time to replace them.

  4. Oil: check engine oil and other liquids wherever required replace them.

  5. Brakes: there are many symptoms that come when brake gets any problem namely one side alignment of car, very smooth or very tight brake etc.

  6. AC: This should be checked if you are living at Hornsby, In parts of Europe and northern America AC is not that important.

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